Welcome to my weekly blog update! A recent graduate of The Ohio State University, full time experimental baker/cook (just for fun), movie-watching enthusiast and event planner by trade, follow me on my oddessy as young professional navigating the uncharted waters of my first full-time job; event planning for Buckeye Interactive within the Columbus area tech community.

Out of the stereotypical sight of a small town high school homecoming parade — a long line of dusty trucks, colorful floats, football jerseys, and screaming children — was born my love affair with event planning. From these humble beginnings almost seven years ago I have muddled my way through every title under the sun, “Intern, Event Services, Event Planner, Event Co-Chair, Director of Event Operations…” until finally landing at Buckeye Interactive as the newest addition to their swiftly growing team as Event Manager.

BuckeyeThon’s Dance Marathon and Buckeye Interactive, where I currently work

A far cry from the Homecoming Parade, my most recent large project prior to Buckeye Interactive was to plan and execute a 17 hour dance marathon for BuckeyeThon, a philanthropic student organization at The Ohio State University that supports the Hematology/Oncology unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital here in Columbus, Ohio. Raising $222,518.17 for a 100% profit increase, a record 900+ attendees, and later accepting two awards at the national Dance Marathon Leadership Conference, all left me with one realization: From that first parade seven years ago to the huge scope of the marathon I can probably dig up some semblance of printed plan of action.

Lists, time lines, overall plans of action are how I keep myself, amidst all the chaos, organized and yes — at times — sane. Just last year I was happy to find that a meticulously kept event information binder handed down to a succeeding set of event chairs had been passed along twice more after that and had even been added to.

So, in my first two days at Buckeye Interactive I was ecstatic to find out the team wanted me to help create a long-term plan for an event that would benefit a local non-profit by endeavoring to create a functional and fantastic website within the span of one day. Within a few hours of receiving the assignment I had already begun formatting a plan that stretched three months out from the event date and had created an hour by hour structure for the night including challenges, dancing, and a necessary coffee run (or ten).

Needless to say, I have been gleefully editing and bulleting the growing four-page document ever since.

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