Why You Should Care About Voice Search!

How many times a day do you find yourself doing a voice search? How often do you ask your smart speaker a question?  

In the U.S., more than 66 million (or more than 26 percent) people own a smart speaker. This represents nearly a 40 percent growth from January 2018 to January 2019. This makes smart speakers and voice assistants one of the fastest-adopted consumer technologies in history

And there are no signs that this adoption rate will slow any time soon.

Why is this important?

Smart speakers have enabled voice search. And it’s growing just as quickly as the adoption of smart speakers.

  • It’s 3.7 times faster than typing.
  • It’s how mobile searches happen.
  • People find it more convenient.

Why should you care?

By 2020, up to 50 percent of all search activity will be conducted by voice, which means searches will be more “conversational.” And these searches will be longer than text-based searches.

For example, you might type “At home beer making.” But with voice search, you might say, “Hey Google, how do I make beer at home?”

Voice search returns immediate on-the-go answers to questions. But there is more competition as only up to three results are returned. If you are not one of these three results, your company loses.

Google reports that “_____ near me now” searches have increased over 150 percent over the last two years. 

In fact, Google is becoming an “answer” engine. Because the smart speaker states answers, the number of organic click-throughs to websites have dropped by 37 percent

So, how do you leverage this powerful tool for your company? 

  • Keep your local SEO up-to-date. Make sure all information is correct. Select appropriate business categories.  
  • Optimize your business listings.
  • Many search devices don’t have screens. Use words that are descriptive and use complete sentences so listeners understand.
  • Speed up the response time of your website.
  • Remember people ask questions. Focus on conversational, long-tail keyword phrases in your content.
  • Provide answers with your content.

Need help?

We are here to answer any questions you might have! Just contact us. We want to help you take advantage of all voice search has to offer. 

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