WordPress vs. Drupal Recap.

Did you miss todays event? No worries, below is the recap!

What is a CMS?

A software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease.

Why You Need a CMS

  • You can update your own website if it is built on a CMS!
  • Low Cost to build, host and maintain
  • Easy Customization via settings, plugins and themes
  • Thorough Documentation from the user and developer communities
  • Ease of Use for administrators (you)
  • Workflow Management for content approval, scheduling and publishing
  • Availability of low-cost support/development

Most Common Website Goals

  Key Metrics Difficulty Best CMS
Lead Generation Number of Leads Easy WordPress
Advertising Clicks, Impressions, Ad Revenue Difficult Either
Membership Community # of Members/#of Visits Moderate BuddyPress (WP) or Drupal Organic Groups
Affiliate # of Clicks, Affiliate Revenue Easy WordPress
Info/ Marketing # of Leads, Engagement, Likes, Followers Easy WordPress
E-Commerce Sales $$$ Moderate Drupal

WordPress vs. Drupal

WordPress Drupal
Site administrators have very little technology experience, ability and potential Site administrators are comfortable with technology and following documented instructions
Ease of administration is the most important consideration Extensibility for enhancements is the most important consideration
E-commerce products with few or no variations/customizations; standard checkout process E-commerce products with attributes, digital downloads, subscriptions, customized checkout and receipts
Site will be primarily focused on lead generation, media/content (video, photo, audio, text), and/or events Site will be member-driven (i.e. social network), process payments, offer an API/web service, or provide custom functionality
Development budget is low initially & long-term Development budget is sufficient for initial development & at least some ongoing developer support

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