halloween fonts for 2019

Top 5 Halloween Fonts for 2019

halloween fonts for 2019

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s the day we all crave as an excuse to dress up in extravagant costumes and eat tons of candy. We picked the brain of our lead designer, for his thoughts on the top Halloween fonts for 2019.

Why? Because this is also the time of year where we start to see specialized Halloween fonts. You see these fonts mainly in email copy, images for emails, social media campaigns, printed materials, and quite possibly on your favorite websites.


Fright Night

Great Scott presents Fright Night Vintage Horror Typeface in 12 Styles - Halloween Fonts for 2019

This font screams vintage b-movie horror. I adore the bold, geometric block lettering. Fright Night also comes in several styles with hundreds of glyphs, which really makes this a versatile addition to any Font Book.



Introducing Grooving Vintage Typeface Solid & Textured 30.4.18 NO.010 - Halloween Fonts for 2019

There’s something wonderfully off-putting about a typeface that isn’t uniform and that looks like it was hand-lettered by Egor himself. Grooving also comes in two styles–solid and textured–which is a nice bonus.



Covenant - Halloween Fonts for 2019

Covenant is a modern typeface that looks like it’s about to pull a Psycho shower scene on you. It’s tall, narrow, and very pointed. The bold look would look amazing on a poster, book, website…you name it!


Gallow Tree

Gallow Tree A Spooky Display Typeface - Halloween Fonts for 2019

Just look at it. If Gallow Tree didn’t scream Halloween, I don’t know what would. The hand drawn lettering looks like something you’d see hastily painted on the walls of a haunted house warning you to “GET OUT!”


Black Baron

Update 0.2 Black baron - Halloween Fonts for 2019

I like this font because it evokes a medieval feel, perfect for haunted castles and spooky type projects alike. The angles are wickedly sharp, and the occasional script-like accents really elevate this beyond atypical Gothic Blackletter typeface.


The endless things we can do with these halloween fonts! If you’re looking for a refresh in your holiday branding this season, reach out to us!

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